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Présentation RH RFP 2020

Pre-Bid Conference Notice. Extension Notice and Bid Form. Rejection of All Bids. Letter of Clarification 3. Common Work Results for Electrical.

Vibration Controls for Electrical Systems. MV Dry-Type Transformers. MV Fusible Interrupter Switchgear.

audio visual rfp 2020

Wortham Theater - Package 1 - Issue for Bid. Specification Med. Fused Switch Interrupter. Revised Drawings. Theater District and Wortham Basement Maps. Theater District Garage 3D Map. Initial Scope of Services.Note that obtaining access to the procurement documents will require prospective suppliers to register and pay a registration fee.

An electronic auction is not anticipated. The submissions will not be opened publicly. The University is looking for the installation of both rooms to be completed by August 1, The University will short-list Proponents.

Proponents must achieve an overall score of at least 41 points. Proponents that that do not achieve an overall score of at least 41 points may not be eligible for consideration further in the RFP Process. Suppliers are encouraged to obtain the procurement documents which contain the most current information.

If there is a conflict between the procurement documents and this notice, the procurement documents will take precedence. Skip to main content. Basic Information Reference Number Issuing Organization University of Toronto Mississauga. Solicitation Number UTM Source ID PU. Purchase Type Duration: 6 months. Bid Intent Not Available. Questions are submitted online No. Luca Del Grosso. See more. Print Options All. No part of the information on this Web Site may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior permission of MERX and the Minister of the participating government department if applicable.

MERX, the Minister nor the Contracting Authority will assume responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information contained in the publication.Jump to Navigation. UCM Closed Aug.

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Lazy K Restoration Rebid. ResultsResults. Parcade Office Tenant Improvements - Bid. Downtown Center- Architectural Services. RFQ No. UCM Click HERE for information and resources. Attachment A- Iran Divestment. Attachment B- Iran Divestment. Addendum 1-Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting. Addendum 2- Questions Deadline. Addendum 5 Addenda Acknowledgement.

Bid Tabulation. Food Service Management Program. Click here for online meeting link- Google Meet. Addenndum 1. Response to Questions. Riverdale Elementary School Painting Project. Sign in sheets. Additional Site Visit Information. Riverdale Map. Sign in Sheets.

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Additional Site Visit. April 2, at Addendum 1. Houston High School. Bathroom Renovations phase 2. Pre-Bid Sign In Sheets.

Houston Middle School. Farmington Elementary School. Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet. Riverdale Elementary School. RFP for External Staffing. Pre Bid Sign In Sheet.

Addendum 1FY Pre-Bid-Sign-In-Sheet. There were no questions received relating to this bid. Pre-Bid-Sign-in-Sheet Pre-Bid Sign in Sheet. Attachment A Bid FY Attachment B Bid. Addendum 1 Acknowledgement form. Attachment A- Iran Divestment Act. Attachment B- Iran Divestment Act.Procurement Services strives to control costs while ensuring the uninterrupted flow of products and services necessary to effectively and efficiently operate the district.

Our goal is to acquire the necessary resources through prudent competitive purchasing practices and excellent customer service. The Procurement Services office is responsible for the following functions:. Suppliers desiring to do business with Dallas ISD are encouraged to register for procurement opportunities via iSupplier by submitting required documentation to become potential i.

After submission of required documentation, suppliers will be added as potential suppliers within the categories selected by the supplier.


Electronic Bidding. Click on. Download the instructions here. For questions, contact sourcing dallasisd. Only registered suppliers are eligible to submit electronic responses.

For those that choose to respond to the solicitation via a hard copy paper bidplease be advised that the delivery of the proposal is outlined in the solicitation document. Bond RFP's are available by clicking here.

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How to Write an Audio Visual RFP

Comments Supplier Opportunities. The Procurement Services office is responsible for the following functions: Procurement Management Procurement Contracts and Requirements Procurement Training and Workshops i-Procurement and e-Commerce Supplier Relations, Contact, and Communication Supplier Approvals Suppliers desiring to do business with Dallas ISD are encouraged to register for procurement opportunities via iSupplier by submitting required documentation to become potential i.

Please be sure to submit all bids and proposals to Suite or electronically by clicking the link below. Electronic Bidding Click on. Questions or Feedback?So here it is, a better way to write AV RFPs in order to help you get AV bids that you understand, better communicate your needs and vision to production companies and reduce this area of frustration in your job. Start with the big picture. What type of event will this be i. A sales meeting will likely need moving lights, subwoofers to motivate the room, etc.

How will attendees be seated? For example, people in a theater setting is way different than people sitting two per six-foot table. Knowing breakout times, the number of presenters in breakouts, who is speaking when in general sessions, etc. While well intended, giving an equipment list to your prospective production partner is not necessarily the best idea.

This can be done in everyday language. Please bring backup projectors should ours fail. Just because you had a foot screen and 4,lumen projector last year does not mean it would be the best solution this year.

Screen size should be based on viewing distance and content. Projectors are based on ambient room light and size of the screen. Much like innovations in how we get around town Lyft and find overnight lodging Airbnbwe could dream of innovation in the way we procure and judge AV partners—and perhaps that time is now. Nathan MPI Tennessee Chapter has 20 years experience in the entertainment and corporate production industries, including 10 years at a tour and production company, three years in sound design and seven years in corporate events.

audio visual rfp 2020

He has toured with award-winning acts such as Wynonna Judd and managed programs on five continents. He can be reached at nathan macroproductions. Toggle navigation Toggle search. How many attendees will there be? Nathan Honeycutt.Many other OHSU services are halted or limited for now. Find information and resources. Breadcrumbs Procurement Bids. Current bids. Past bids.

audio visual rfp 2020

The goal of this new location is to provide researchers with easy access to research supplies on demand. Additionally, it will provide a hub for suppliers to send bulk shipments, which will enable companies to provide discounts on or reduced shipping charges Contact Abi Jablonski Senior contract specialist Email Jablonsa ohsu.

Contact Misty Brodigan Email Misty. Brodigan vizientinc. The project will need to be phased to allow for continual use of two or more elevators for the duration of the project. MacCrone Senior contracts specialist Email maccrone ohsu. These tools will be utilized to support and drive visibility, metric tracking and support overall administration for research at the institution Contact Cindy Nguyen, Senior contracts specialist, Email nguyenci ohsu.

Contact Cindy Nguyen, Senior contracts specialist, Email nguyenci ohsu. Bid number RFP Project name Technology Low Voltage Infrastructure Contractors Description OHSU seeks to select technology low voltage infrastructure installation contractors to assist in the installation of technically sound low voltage copper and fiber optic cabling infrastructure in existing and new facilities. Vendor must provide a response to minimum requirements by August 14, Bid number RFP Project name Marketing Collaboration Tool Description OHSU Brand Strategy and Marketing department requests a comprehensive collaboration tool solution to be used to manage all department projects over the lifecycle of a project including planning, production, reporting, resource allocation, and project communication.

Approximately 35 staff project managers, leadership, contributors, analysts20 contractors writers, photographers, designersand numerous project-specific stakeholders will interact with the collaboration tool.

Contact Abi Jablonski Senior contract specialist Email jablonsa ohsu. This RFP encompasses equipment for the 34 clinical exam lanes, as well as adjunct equipment for several of the 24 diagnostic rooms Contact Cindy Nguyen Senior Contracts Specialist Email nguyenci ohsu.

Contact Gregory C. MacCrone Senior contract specialist Email maccrone ohsu. Bid number RFP Project name Occupational health system Description OHSU is seeking software to track and maintain occupational health regulatory requirements, worker injuries and communicable disease outbreaks Contact Cindy Nguyen Senior contracts specialist nguyenci ohsu. Contact Aon Hewitt aparna.

This RFP is specifically to evaluate tools that provide a clinical taxonomy, a platform for consolidating disparate data sources, and access to OHSU's appointment inventory for online scheduling. These tools will round out the custom work and tools currently in use.

Contact Cindy Nguyen, Senior contracts specialist nguyenci ohsu. Bid number RFP Project name Value added resellers for network infrastructure technology, services, and support. Contact Cindy Nguyen Senior contracts specialist nguyenci ohsu. Contact Abi Jablonski Senior contracts specialist jabonsa ohsu. Contact Abi Jablonski Senior contracts specialist jablonsa ohsu.

Contact Tyrese Alexander tyrese.